Palazzo Design International believes the beginning of any interior project starts with the flooring. From here everything grows and develops. We work with internationally renowned artisans from the Middle East, Europe and Asia, who have mastered the art of hand cut and designed mosaic, piece by piece, to form exquisite works of art. It takes on average around 100 hours per square meter to create this age old craft. We believe the flooring is the foundation of the project and the utmost detail needs to be addressed at this first stage.

Timbers used in our parquetry flooring originates in France, Switzerland and Germany. We use the beautiful grains from soild birch and place them in the classic French style from the Palace of Versaille. The panels come in 80cm x 80cm sections with solid border timbers to frame the parquetry panels. Our team will create the design for each room and show you exactly how the finished floor will look prior to laying.

Please contact us regarding design rates and supply of our flooring products.